About U-Solve

U-Solve is a custom software application to determine the 'Whole-Window' U-Value and SHGC Value of an
aluminium window or door. It is based on the extrusion systems available from
Wispeco (Pty) Ltd in Southern Africa.

U-Solve does NOT approximate the U-Values and SHGC Values. It calculates the actual values
from detailed software simulations using the 'Therm' and 'Window' software available
from the Lawrence Berkley Laboratories in the United States. U-Solve is the ONLY program currently available in
Southern Africa  that performs these detailed calculations.

U-Solve is written for the MS-Windows platform, since this is the most widely used
operating system in Southern Africa. It is possible to run U-Solve on an Apple Mac computer
using the "Wine" application available on the Apple iStore.

U-Solve incorporates the SANS204  calculations that  need to be performed for every new
building being erected in South Africa. U-Solve is endorsed by SAFIERA and the calculations
have been verified against 'hot-box' testing by AAAMSA and SAFIERA.

The Full Version contains the following extrusion systems :

Casement Windows
Wispeco Casement 28
Wispeco Casement 30.5
Wispeco Casement 340
Wispeco Casement 36
Wispeco Casement 38
Wispeco Edge 42mm Thermally Broken System

Sliding Doors
Wispeco Series 700 Patio Door
Wispeco Palace Multi Sliding Door
Wispeco Vistafold Sliding Folding Door

Sliding Windows
Wispeco 500 Series Sliding Window
Wispeco Vert70 Vertical Sliding Window
Wispeco 1000 Series Sliding Window

Shop Front Systems
Wispeco Clip44 Fixed Frames
Wispeco Clip44 Hinged Doors

The following systems are in the pipeline and will be released shortly after the full
system becomes available:

Crealco Blush Sliding Window
Crealco Rouge Patio Door
Crealco Serene Tilt & Turn Window & Door System
Crealco Virtue Outward Opening Window System
Wispeco Clip44 Swing, Sliding, OHDC and Pivot Doors

Sample Screen Shots :