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Excellent News !

U-Solve now includes an estimating function. This gives
the user an indication of how different glazing options, and
different system options affect the price of a window.

This is a fully functional version of U-Solve which is
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21 October 2014

 Anodised finish has been added

  The Rouge Patio Door has been added

The Elite Sliding Window has been added

 Sashes have been added to the Clip44 shop front frames

Additional options have been added to the Vistafold system

 The ability to save and load projects has been added

National Glass has been added as a glass supplier

The Crealco 4mm Low-e glass has been added

Additional glass combinations have been added for all glazing suppliers

The finish has been added to the summary report

Costings have been updated as at September 2014

All known bugs have been corrected

Site updated :12 November 2015